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December 27, 2016

Larva Business - Kairos Global Summit 2015

• Marketing, Growth & Sales

Grubbly Farms Founders - Sean Warner & Patrick Pittaluga - blow our mind. At the 2015 Kairos Global Summit, our awesome host Gray Bright sits down with the two cousins to explain some real interesting stuff. Grubbly Farms is developing a new sustainable protein source for livestock animals catering toward poultry and the commercial farming of fish. They do so by collecting food waste from various organizations (which they get paid for) to then feed them to larva. These black soldier fly larva eat 200% their body weight a day and are very efficient at converting all types of food waste. As they eat it, the larva produce a quality fertilizer. Once the larva mature, they process the larva into oils and proteins that are sold to feed manufactures that develop a feed around their ingredient! Back up..what just happened? Breaking it down as best as we can: They are getting paid to collect food waste to feed these tanks and cages of flies, where they then harvest the larva into a protein meal that they then again get paid for. Genius? Absolutely. Check out this amazing business model, young entrepreneurs, and successful business. Rock on Grubbly Farms!