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Global partnership opportunities

We offer to our Global Sponsors the opportunity to grow with us in a global agenda Join us and get exclusive benefits for your company:

A unique opportunity to increase your visibility and branding

  • A key participation in each local event(debates, jury)
  • A door open to the European & Silicon Valley startup ecosystem
  • A visible support to innovation and creativity

Time Saving by getting access to a curated selection of startups

  • A first selection of startups through an innovative pitching app
  • An opportunity to challenge and select the most promising startups
  • A curated list of startups for investment or partnership opportunity

Increasing your chances of success with the startups

  • The finalists integrate an alumni network growing over time...
  • ... and benefit from monthly mentoring sessions with Rodrigo...
  • ... mitigating your risk of investing in or partnering with early stage companies.

Join a select group of Sponsors and Partners

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