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The global video platform to Discover, Learn & Share Entrepreneurship Content

Historically the world has been shaped by entrepreneurs, people just like you and me who step outside of their comfort zone to create something that improves their world.

Creations in today’s world are riskier and more disruptive than ever before. The innovation economy brings us massive amounts of information which empowers millions to realize their creative potential.

Imagine a place that collects all this great information and helps document these amazing creations - a platform that helps educate and inspire a generation of new ideas.

Welcome to HandsOn.TV: We believe that the entrepreneurial mind can change the world for better!


We believe video is the best format to share knowledge. HandsOn.TV is a partner and mentor, helping people to unleash their true potential, and a friend inspiring them to achieve their goals.


Make an Impact

  • Be consistent, accomplish amazing things, focus on result, not the process

Innovation and Creativity

  • Challenge assumptions and find practical solutions to hard problems


  • Be bold and take smart risks


  • Minimize complexity and find time to simplify


  • Deliver quickly and don't over analyze


  • Seek to learn and understand

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