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September 03, 2016

When a 17 year old raises funding capture by Startup selfie

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Meet Sahil Arora, he 17-year-old entrepreneur who founded Vuzella Group, is a true innovator who has created multiple groundbreaking technology products and solutions, from an iris scan to authenticate users to real life holographic images, literally in mid-air. Nothing seems to be too complicated for Arora to build, he can make almost anything & everything you tell him to make. Sahil Arora is a student of Pathways School in Gurgaon, he sketched the designs of his first ever project in the library of the school, he says. The journey of entrepreneurship which started just 6 months back has been fruitful for Arora when he finally approached investors and received a funding close to $500K, recently. One Internet invited Sahil Arora is association with BW Disrupt & Startup Delhi