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April 15, 2015

Morten Lund at Startup Grind Copenhagen

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This time with the legend himself: Morten Lund. Morten Lund is many things. Born in deep farmer territory around Roskilde. He's angel investor in the biggest telephone company in the world and 85 others. He's the kind of guy that can do more in a month than most of us can do in one lifetime. He's got Richard Branson, Bill Clinton and Kevin Kelly (founder of Wired) on speed dial (fun fact: If you google "Morten Lund" a picture of Richard Branson pops up so they must be close). He's a close partner with many top tier venture firms such as Draper Fischer Jervetson. But he's also been hit - seriously. He's been personally bankrupt for about a year (got out of it again in 2010). Morten is one of the Danish entrepreneurs, who seems to really understand the importance of giving back and have experienced the result of "giving back" on his own body. He's been involved in a lot of wild stuff such as landmine detecting plants, fixing hunger and obesity and turning salt water and poisoned water into (no, not into gold but) drinkable water.