• TutoToons

    A drag & drop mobile game builder that allow artists to create mobile game for kids without programing.

  • Optimiam

    A geolocated mobile app connecting local retailers to nearby consumers in order to sell their food surplus with a discount.

  • Glowee

    A cleantech/biotech startup that builds a lighting system without any power supply requirement using bioluminescence.

  • Signaturit

    Provides an easy and secure way to sign documents with legal validity from your mobile device.

  • Antelope.club

    Produces full-body sport suit based on the Electro Muscle Stimulation technology to improve the effects of exercise.

  • Prodpad

    An end-to-end product management software that supports the complete product journey.

  • Powr of you

    A personal data marketplace bringing the next generation of analytics for consumers and brands, helping the management of one's online presence.

    Powr of you
  • Inviita

    A free mobile app that builds you city tours with the best of each city according to your mood.