"After experiencing an intense and rewarding week in Silicon Valley with the winners from our Startup Tour, we would like to share our new initiative with you, the HandsOn Founders Community”.

HandsOn Founders Community aims to support its participants, starting with last year’s winners, by providing them with the right resources, and leverage the collective knowledge, information and networking, through an environment created to replicate the experience, mindset, and culture we’ve experienced here in Silicon Valley.

We want to make sure all startups and their founders are moving towards their goals and achieving the great things they are meant to.


The ability to create a company channel on handson.tv platform with unlimited access


A monthly mentoring session with Rodrigo Barros to address the startup strategic issues


Access to our global network of Entrepreneurs and Investors



Sportware / Germany

Antelope.club produces revolutionary full-body sport suit based on the Electro Muscle Stimulation technology to improve the effect of exercise. Twenty minutes of exercise is the equivalent to three hours of activity in normal clothes. In a recently crowd-funding campaign the company raised € 550,000. Also to invests in the "internet of things".

Kay Rathschlag

Co-Founder & Managing Director -
Sales & Marketing bei Wearable Life Science GmbH


Biotechnology / France

Glowee is a two-year old cleantech/biotech startup incorporated in Paris, France, that builds a disruptive lighting system without any power supply requirement. It offers innumerous advantages and can be applied for public, factories, stores, freeways and many other cases of provisional or final lighting. The startup use bioluminescence, which is a chemical reaction occurring within living organisms enabling them to produce light, that one may have seem through fireflies, glow-worms or algae.

Sandra REY

Co-founder chez Glowee


Mobile App, Travel & Tourism / Portugal

Inviita is a free mobile app that builds you city tours according to your mood. Available worldwide, Inviita allows you to select a mood and get a tour created automagically, giving you the best of each city with suggested places and activities. Tours can be fully customized or even created from scratch, alone or with friends. Either you are travelling, planning a getaway or exploring your own city, use Inviita to create unique experiences that match your mood.

Joana Baptista

Co-Founder & CEO @ Inviita


Mobile App, Food / France

OptiMiam is a geolocated mobile app which connects in real time local retailers to nearby consumers in order to sell in time their food surplus with a discount. At OptiMiam, we believe that food should be eaten and not thrown away. Tha's why our goal is to keep food out of trash.

Raodath AMINOU

Co-Founder & CEO @OptiMiam

Powr of You

Social Big Data & Analytics Hub / UK

Powr of You is a personal data marketplace bringing the next generation of analytics for consumers and brands. The platform helps people to manage their online presence and get paid for the data they already share online while staying anonymous. On the other side, our analytics engine churns this data to help brands plug into their consumers' lives, giving a complete view of behaviors and trends. It's a win-win model shifting power from just traditional data providers to one that empowers consumers.

Shruti Malani Krishnan

Co-founder, Powr of You


Software, Security / Spain

Signaturit provides an easy and secure way to sign documents from your mobile device, with legal validity and without installing additional applications. The service is already used by thousands of companies in more than 40 countries where more than 200 thousand contracts have been signed electronically. It is innovative technology that reduces time in business formality process.

Salvador Severich Guerrero

Co-founder | Marketing at Signaturit


Gaming, Mobile / Spain

TutoTOONS is a drag & drop mobile game builder that allow artists to create mobile game for kids without programming and publish the games to earn money. Today 200 games having been built by its users generating over 80 million downloads.

Damien Bruneau

Barcelona Studio Director & Cofounder

Take a look on our amazing week in the Silicon Valley:

Going to Silicon Valley

Last November 26th 7 European Startups have been elected by a high qualified jury to win a immersed week in the Silicon Valley. Next February 6th they will be leaving from Europe to live a life changing experience. During the stay the Founders will receive accommodation and they will have the opportunity to: follow an entrepreneurship program, network with fast growing companies, meet with potential investors, discover the local entrepreneurial mindset.

Taking Off to Silicon Valley

Taking off to Silicon Valley looking forward to meeting with all startups coming from Europe. Check out what has happened since we left São Paulo and keep following us on this amazing trip around SV. #HandsOn #Day0 #StartupTour #SiliconValley

HandsOn Startup Tour Silicon Valley - Day 1

All winners from our HandsOn Startup Tour arrived in Silicon Valley with great expectations: Learning about biotechnology market, getting motivation and inspiration, meeting great people like Tim Draper from Draper University and Tood Yellin from Netflix, visiting and learning from education institutions such as Stanford University and Singularity University and so on. Check this video out and see what else they are expecting from our Silicon Valley Tour.

HandsOn Startup Tour Silicon Valley - Day 2

Our 2nd day in the #SiliconValley was a mix of tech and cultural experiences: We went to San Francisco Super Bowl City during the day and at night our CTO Martin Spier talked to us about the product development process inside HandsOn.tv platform.

HandsOn Startup Tour Silicon Valley - Day 3

Our 3rd day in Silicon Valley was about Exponential Technologies at Singularity University, Business Development at Global Tech Venture, Mobile at Movile and Product Development with Martin Spier! #HandsOn #StartupTour #SiliconValley

HandsOn Startup Tour Silicon Valley - Day 4

To wrap up our 4th day here in Silicon Valley we made this video. Check it out. The main topics covered on the meetings:✓Education, culture and fundraising at Draper University ✓Communication, Workspace, Productivity at Evernote ✓Company establishment & Fundraising in SV at DLA Piper ✓Silicon Valley Ecosystem & Culture at SiliconHouse #HandsOn #StartupTour #SiliconValley

HandsOn Startup Tour Silicon Valley - Day 5

Topics covered/companies we visited during our 5th day in Silicon Valley: ✓Incubation, Acceleration & Funding Raising: GSVlabs ✓Human Resources for startups arriving in US/Silicon Valley: Gunderson Dettmer ✓Silicon Valley Culture: Stanford University ✓Culture & Strategy: Facebook #HandsOn #StartupTour #SiliconValley

HandsOn Startup Tour Silicon Valley - Day 6

Never miss the opportunity to learn with our tour: Check our newest video of our day 6 here in Silicon Valley. Topics covered today: ✓Entrepreneurship, Growth, Strategy & Funding Raising: Jay Adelson ✓Business launching in US: FounderStudio ✓Fundraising, Firechat and startups pitch: Partech Ventures ✓Innovation management, user experience, product development: Netflix ✓Business development: Tommaso Di Bartolo #HandsOn #StartupTour #SiliconValley

HandsOn Startup Tour Silicon Valley - Day 7

To wrap up our #HandsOn #StartupTour #SiliconValley day 7 we learned big subjects from big companies! ✓Growth with Google, Strategy, Ads, Analytics & Culture: Google ✓HP's Strategy, Lean Development, Innovation, Immersive Computing: HP

HandsOn Startup Tour - The Experience

After an exciting and amazing week in Silicon Valley the HandsOn Founders give us their takeaways and explain us what they will implement in their companies