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Startup Selfie is a media platform dedicated to Startups and business organisations to promote business and financial activities in all over the world. We are a team of media pioneers, online user experience experts, PR consultants and content conditioners with an in-depth understanding of internet culture. Our vision is to create a global culture for start-ups across the globe. Startup Selfie craft the journeys from very initial days to the present work culture in a very artistic yet precise way so that user gets maximum insight spending a little time. Startup Selfie is about representing the Business, Start-ups and Global News in a way that never done ever before.


Earn money with Laptop, Make Career in Blogging

Prateek Shah and Kulwant Nagi to share the great insights about the blogs at One Internet. Kulwant Nagi is 30 years old blogger based from Haryana, He started his 2012 (Blogging Cage). After putting continuous efforts on this blog, He made one of the top blogs in the Indian community, where you can learn the tips of blogging.He is Internet Entrepreneur, blogger, writer, affiliate marketer and a visionary human being. His blog was started to solve the problems which we as bloggers are facing these days.He traveled 12 countries so far, and this love for traveling will never end. Prateek Shah is the founder of Digital Defynd, a premier digital marketing portal that serves Asia and is an acclaimed digital marketing trainer. Over the years, he has trained several professionals to empower them in the domain of digital media. An early online evangelist, his training expertise stems from successfully having managed campaigns for an array of clients across the industry.


GEW BootCamp Delhi-NCR 2016

GEW is a Global Start-up Competition organized by the Global Entrepreneurship Network across the world, including India. Under this initiative, independent Bootcamps are being organized in various locations in India including one in Delhi NCR.


Y Combinator in India - Startup 101 :eDC talk 1

Y Combinator’s first visit to India to meet founders in Bangalore and Delhi and gather insights right from the ground up about the Indian startup ecosystem. Here is some glimpse of the first day in India at IIT DELHI


NAZAR BATTU - the way to success | interview by Startup Selfie

Nazar Battu is a start-up OnlineTV, where you can watch regular shows and content, created especially for the young audience, across genres.


Startup Cricket League 2016

Startup Cricket League, an exclusive league where startups are accelerated on a cricket field. At SCL innovation meets sport. It's just not about ideating but to create, meet and manifest on a cricket forefront. SCL has visited Delhi and witnessed innovation enthusiasts with cricket zeal making the league a huge.


India International MSME Expo & Summit 2016

Here is the Video of: India International MSME Expo 2016 & ITPO presents India International MSME Expo & Summit 2016 at Paragati Madain, New Delhi, India powered by : Delhi Startups & The Founders Cafe


When a 17 year old raises funding capture by Startup selfie

Meet Sahil Arora, he 17-year-old entrepreneur who founded Vuzella Group, is a true innovator who has created multiple groundbreaking technology products and solutions, from an iris scan to authenticate users to real life holographic images, literally in mid-air. Nothing seems to be too complicated for Arora to build, he can make almost anything & everything you tell him to make. Sahil Arora is a student of Pathways School in Gurgaon, he sketched the designs of his first ever project in the library of the school, he says. The journey of entrepreneurship which started just 6 months back has been fruitful for Arora when he finally approached investors and received a funding close to $500K, recently. One Internet invited Sahil Arora is association with BW Disrupt & Startup Delhi


Presenting our third story | Selfie Series 03: BrandBerry Marcom

BrandBerry Marcom, The benefits of implementing marketing solutions are not fully actualized, thanks to the time and effort companies lose in dealing with the challenges associated. At BrandBerry we study the brand's environment, the product’s environment, the market’s environment and the consumer itself, and provide you with marketing solutions that are targeted at best.


Get Me Money Honey : Delhi Edition organised by Entrepreneur Cafe

Video of the Event " Get Me Money Honey : Delhi Edition " organised by Entrepreneur Cafe Thanks to B Sridhar ( from Pearson Group ) and Ruchira Shukla ( from world Bank ) the speakers to share great insights


Startup Masterclass: Bootstrapped Business Plan

Video if the Event " Startup Masterclass: Bootstrapped Business Plan​ " organised by Jaarvis Accelerator​ in association with CoworkIn​ =D Thanks to Anil Chhikara​ ( Principle at #Jaarvis_Accelerator ) to share insights of Bootstrapped based business plan.