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From Founder to CEO: How to scale yourself and your team

Sukhinder Singh Cassidy is founder & CEO of JOYUS, the web’s premium online video shopping network. Prior to founding JOYUS in January 2011, she has been a leading consumer internet and media executive with over 18 years of leadership experience at global and early stage companies including Google, Amazon, Yodlee, and News Corp. Startup Grind Global 2016


Cultural Investing an arbitrage opportunity

Marlon Nichols is a general partner at Cross Culture Ventures (CCV), an early stage venture capital firm with a focus on cultural investing (global trends and shifts in consumer behavior). Before founding CCV, Marlon was an investment director at Intel Capital where he completed his Kauffman Fellowship. Prior to VC, Marlon led successful careers in software and strategy consulting. Some of Marlon’s investments include Afrostream, Gimlet, LendStreet, LISNR, Mayvenn, Mirantis, MongoDB, mSurvey, Sidestep, and Thrive Market.


"Hire like you" is one of top ten mistakes of entrepreneurs discussed by Guy Kawasaki

1:Multiply big numbers by 1% - 2:Scale too fast - 3:Focus partnership - 4:Focus on pitch - 5:Use too many slides - 6:Proceed serially - 7:Retain control - 8:Use patents for defensibility - 9:Hire like you - 10:Befriend your investor - These are the top 10 mistakes made by entrepreneurs discussed by Guy Kawasaki during the Startup Grind Global 2016 Conference.


STARTUP GRIND | Ana Julia Ghirello (ABELLHA)

Ana Julia Ghirello é fundadora da abeLLha, uma incubadora social voltada para gerar impacto na sociedade por meio do empreendedorismo social e colaborativo para as camadas C, D e E da população. É também co-fundadora do GoodPeople, app que conecta talentos e oportunidades para que pessoas possam tirar suas ideias do papel. Fez parte do time que fundou o bomnegócio.com em 2011, em que era vice-presidente, e que se juntou a OLX em fevereiro de 2015, onde trabalhou como COO. Antes disso, morou 8 anos em Nova York onde iniciou sua carreira aos 19 anos com UX e desenvolvimento de produtos em uma startup de e-commerce até fundar a sua empresa, uma consultoria digital, aos 22 anos. Ana Julia é apaixonada por criar empresas e produtos voltados para potencializar o desenvolvimento humano, onde o foco é no propósito do negócio e como ele toca as vidas de quem o utiliza.


Remarketing for Startups with Susan Coelius

On this talk, Susan shares her knowledge on remarketing, a way of using tailored advertisements to drive customers back to your website after they have visited it one or more times. She also explains how to think about the remarketing process and what platform should we pay attention on our campaign.


Julia Barrett (Salesforce) - The Power of Storytelling

"A power story connects the pieces of the company to a customer”, explains Julia Barrett passionately. In her talk at the Startup Grind Global Conference 2016, she tells us how the art of storytelling plays a huge role in how we close leads today.


Ron Conway at Startup Grind Global 2016

In this video Ron Conway one of the most important investors in Silicon Valley shares with us his vision about entrepreneurship and immigration in the US today. Mr Conway is the Founder and Co-Managing Partner of SV Angel. He has been an active angel investor since the mid 90’s and he was the Founder and Managing Partner of the Angel Investors LP funds (1998-2005). Ron Connay was included in 2010’s Vanity Fair 100 most influential people in the Information Age. Check it out !


Steps to start your company global from day 1 - Selina Tobaccowala (SurveyMonkey)

Selina joined SurveyMonkey in October 2009. Previously Selina was Senior Vice President of Product and Technology at Ticketmaster’s Europe division, where she managed the 200-person Product, Technology and Operations team. Prior to that, Selina was Vice President of Online Product and Technology at Entertainment Publications, where she led the company’s online sales and technology initiatives. In 1997 Selina founded Evite.com, an online invitation service that lets users organize an offline event online, and which currently sends over three million invitations per month. As VP of Engineering for Evite.com, she led the company’s development and operations and played a key role in setting the strategic direction with the board of directors. In 2001, Evite.com was sold to Ticketmaster. Tobaccowala holds a BS degree in Computer Science from Stanford University.


Tim Draper (Draper Associates) at Startup Grind Global 2016

On this talk Tim Draper speaks about what makes a great idea. He is the creator of viral marketing, a marketing method for spreading a software application from customer to customer, instrumental to the successes of Hotmail and Skype among hundreds of others including Gmail and Yahoo!mail.​


The Innovator's Dilemma - Clayton Christensen

There are few people whose impact on entrepreneurs and business in general you hear about as frequently as Clayton Christensen. On this video he discusses 3 theories: The capitalist's dilemma, The law of conservation of modularity and the law of wasting abundance.