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Internet Video Statistics Why Video Marketing is for Everyone YouTube

Check the Internet Video Statistics and Why Video Marketing is for Everyone YouTube


Social Media Marketing Infographic

A Social Media Marketing Infographic by inovitvideo.com


What happens on the internet in a second

According to data gathered by the Real Time Statistics Project, we spend a lot of time on the internet. With more than 3 billion active online users, the internet regulates an astounding amount of data in a single second.


Social Media & Technology Today - Infographic

Today, we can Skype our colleagues on different continents, use Twitter to track for global trends, manage our multiple email accounts from our smartphones, coordinate with fellow professionals on LinkedIn, share photos and stories from last night on SnapChat and WhatsApp, launch a brand on Instagram, create a community on Facebook, stream our favourite global podcasts, get breaking updates from our news apps, order a taxi to the office with Uber and monitor our daily calorie usage with our FitBit. And we can do all of these things without even getting out of bed. Digital and social media isn’t just changing the way we do business; it’s changing what businesses we’re in to begin with. Every single one of those digital capabilities has a ballooning administrative sector wrapped around it, creating jobs, stimulating economies and driving consumption. As the New Ways of Working report surmises, nowadays we’re making bytes not widgets.


Why Social Media is Important || Mad Media Network || Revolution 2016

Why Social Media is Important?


Digital Marketing Trends Of 2015-2016

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Internet Statistics 2016

Get to know the Internet Statistics of 2016. This is what happens on the internet for a minute. 46% of world’s population has internet connection. 3.4 Billion People.


Social Media Facts 2016 That Will Blow Your Mind

Social Media facts are awesome and powerful. The user numbers speak for themselves. A savvy business owner, entrepreneur or marketer needs to know how to leverage this colossal online population as part of their digital marketing strategy, placing your business, brand, product, services, event or offer in front of a highly-targeted audience. This video shows some of the exciting, mind-blowing, funny and surprising facts and stats about the wonderful world of social media. You can't ignore it, and you are it's likely that your business will eventually fail.


Social Media Marketing Trends 2016

Statistics about social media in 2016


What Is social media 2016 statistics and trends?

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