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Galvanize: Fostering an environment to excel

Brady Campbell, San Francisco regional director at Galvanize, discusses with Matous what makes Galvanize incredible. Why their members have an unfair advantage, and the tremendous benefits to be derived from working in this space. It is about community, resources, and the vast opportunities available in this exciting co-working space.


6 tips on creating relationships with investors

Hulia Koc from Keiretsu forum and prominent investor shares her personal wisdom on building relationships with investors @MatousTlapak #angel #funding #startups #innovations


4 VCs on how you can secure funding

Vish Mishra (@tievish), Anna Dvornikova, and Phil Sanderson (@SanFranciscoVC) teach entrepreneurs the best ways to secure funding #insights #funding #founders


SF academy of science nightlife event

@IamDaniel @jakub_hamersky @MatousTlapak @ssnursla @Ondrejhomola1 and @MarkAndersen attend the SF academy of science nightlife event #sanfrancisco #svhousecrew


Advice for onboarding of European startupists from svhouse crew


How to make products that people want

How do build a startup and create something that people want? Understanding and awareness is the key. Danielle Fong, an entrepreneur, co-founder and Chief Scientist of LightSail Energy, Inc. shares inspiration at the Founders World conference in SF.


Steve Hoffman’s tips on how to attract investors

@CaptainHoff, an angel investor and founder of @FoundersSpace shares tips on how to #attract #investors, by @MatousTlapak


Kateřina on immersing herself into San Francisco’s startup culture

Kateřina from @MyTravelove offers her first impressions on Silicon Valley and how she plans to validate the product. Interviewed by @MarkAndersen.


Making impossible things possible

@lildrummergie sharing her strategy on how to tackle challanges and proving that impossible doesn´t exist.


The future of seed investing with 5 angel investors

5 Angel investors from firms such as, The Wolverine Venture Fund, The Longevity Fund, 500 Startups, and Blue Startups, discuss the future of seed investing. #learnfromthesource #mentors #lifelonglearning