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Larva Business - Kairos Global Summit 2015

Grubbly Farms Founders - Sean Warner & Patrick Pittaluga - blow our mind. At the 2015 Kairos Global Summit, our awesome host Gray Bright sits down with the two cousins to explain some real interesting stuff. Grubbly Farms is developing a new sustainable protein source for livestock animals catering toward poultry and the commercial farming of fish. They do so by collecting food waste from various organizations (which they get paid for) to then feed them to larva. These black soldier fly larva eat 200% their body weight a day and are very efficient at converting all types of food waste. As they eat it, the larva produce a quality fertilizer. Once the larva mature, they process the larva into oils and proteins that are sold to feed manufactures that develop a feed around their ingredient! Back up..what just happened? Breaking it down as best as we can: They are getting paid to collect food waste to feed these tanks and cages of flies, where they then harvest the larva into a protein meal that they then again get paid for. Genius? Absolutely. Check out this amazing business model, young entrepreneurs, and successful business. Rock on Grubbly Farms!


The big Change in Raising Capital

Vincent Bradley, the CEO of FlashFunders and Ken Rutkowski of Business Rockstars discusses important new changes coming May 16th. Listen and learn about the new changes that will affect obtaining and raising capital for your business from investors.


BizTips - How to Make it in Business

1 “If you can’t handle pain, don’t do business.” You are going to have to seriously love what you are doing. 2 “This is a marathon.” When you love what you are doing, you will enjoy the long haul getting there. It will not feel like work." 3 “Focus 100% of your time and resources on your strengths.” By constantly improving on your strengths, you will become an expert. 4 “Be willing to take risks and fail.” Taking risks is how you find out what works and what doesn’t. 5 You have to “Understand the why.” What is your purpose, your motivation? If you do not have a real reason to take action, you will never have the energy you will need to push forward.''


What is a Unicorn Company?

A unicorn is a company that is valued over 1 billion dollars and is still privately held. Uber, Snapchat, and SpaceX are examples of unicorns and these companies are growing at a rapid rate like never before. It is a great time to become a unicorn. How do you do it? Well you get an audience, you get a great way of growth through investors, and you have this economy. Time for you to become a unicorn.


Toni Ko on Entrepreneurship - Founder of NYX Cosmetics & Perverse Sunglasses

Toni Ko, Founder of NYX Cosmetics and Founder of Perverse Sunglasses, tells us what it's like being the ultimate lady boss. Toni tells us about her journey. Moving to America from Korea. Her passion for women entrepreneurs. How she started her multi-million-dollar business at age 25 going on 26 and then sold it to L'Oreal. Leaving the family business to become an entrepreneur. Why she thinks financial freedom is super important and so much more! How do you compete with the big monster companies? Toni Ko tells us!


Overcoming Hurdles in Entrepreneurship

Alexandra Wilkis Wilson, the CEO & Co-Founder of GLAMSQUAD and Co-Founder and Strategic Advisor of Gilt is a serial entrepreneur. Alexandra has overcome the hurdles in business first-hand. Learn from the obstacles Alexandra had to overcome: 1. Don't burn yourself out 2. Prepare for your team to expand 3. Prioritize Alexandra is a pioneering dealmaker who found success in the nexus of technology and the luxury goods sector. Wilson is also an advisor, mentor and angel investor who shares her expertise with diverse entrepreneurs. Watch her full interview at businessrockstars.com


The Startup Toolkit

Andy Abramson, the CEO of Comunicano, Inc. gives us weekly innovative tips for startup companies to make life easier. Check out if these companies are in your Startup Toolkit: 1. Trustify - the Uber of private investigation. 2. Easel.ly - creating cool info graphics to share visual ideas. 3. Buffer for Video - lets you upload, schedule, and share all of your video content in one place Check out the rest of Andy's inside tips at businessrockstars.com and get one step closer to launching and growing your company.


Steps to Startup Success

Brady Forrest, the founder of Highway1, PCH's Hardware Incubator, and on reality tv show, The Bazillion Dollar Club discusses his steps to startup success! Watch our other steps to success videos and jumpstart your small business!


Wirewax - Increasing Engagement through Interactive Video

Video is flat, how cool would it be to interact with video? With WIREWAX - you can. Based out of the UK, WIREWAX is the world’s first interactive video platform, empowering users to add clickable hotspots, or ‘tags’, to any moving person or object in video. Proven to increase engagement up to nine times higher than a static link at the bottom of the video frame, these tags encourage viewers to explore extra content, opportunities to buy or help create immersive experiences.


5 Reasons Why You Need to Use Social Media

On this video Ken Rutkowski presents 5 Reasons why you need to use social media. Check it out!